BBS Waffles / Lug Covers

While there are many more than listed below; the focus of this page is the waffle/lug covers for the BBS RS , RC and RM wheels.


Description Part Number  Sample Photo
Small Thread 09.24.035
Large Thread (17 Pockets) 09.24.028
Large Thread (15 Pockets) 09.24.069



Description Part Number Sample Photo
Large Thread DSK Finish 09.23.544
Small Thread DSK Finish 09.23.545 or 09.23.519
Large Thread MotorSport Edition 09.23.516
Small Thread MotorSport Edition 09.23.521
Large Thread POK Finish 09.23.503
Small Thread POK Finish 09.23.520



 Description Part Number Sample Photo
Silver 09.24.134
Silver/Black 09.24.134
Silver/Black 09.24.137